Kenny Carruthers

I'm a senior software developer with over 17 years of professional programming experience. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Bishop's University. Originally from Ottawa, Canada, my career started in Silicon Valley working for Be Inc., then Apple and finally Danger. These days, I call Whistler, British Columbia home.

I've held senior software engineering positions at Be Inc., Apple Computer and Danger Inc. where I worked on BeOS & BeIA, Mac OS X and the Hiptop (T-Mobile Sidekick) respectively.

Most of my professional experience has been focused on building and shipping consumer products for both desktop and mobile devices.

In 2005-2006, I travelled overland from Barcelona, Spain to Cape Town, South Africa. Sadly, many of the countries I travelled through have since been torn by war and several are all but impassable today. I've also had the opportunity to spend extended periods of time living in Bangkok, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

In 2014 I founded a software company called Corduroy Code. The company's first application, Fileloupe for Mac, is a high-performance file viewer that offers a better way to browse photos, watch videos, view PDFs and preview documents on your Mac. The company's second application, Videoloupe for Mac, is an advanced video player that offers a rich set of video-specific features for playback, editing, analysis and exporting.